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Subsidized Loan by State Government/Statutory Bodies/Councils of Sarawak

For officers serving in the State Government of Sarawak, Statutory Bodies and Councils under the Employer's Guarantee Scheme.

Guidelines, terms & conditions under the Government Officer's Housing Loan Scheme (Amendments) 2002 - State Financial Secretary's Office Circular No. 4/2002 dated 12th September 2002.

Maximum Loan

100% of cost of property or our Company’s valuation of the propoerty whichever lower.

Loan Entitlement

Loan entitlement ranges from RM70,000.00 to RM250,000.00 depending on the officer's salary scales.

Maximum Repayment Period

25 years subject to age plus repayment tenure not exceeding 65 years (if pensionable) or 56 years (if contributing to the Employee's Provident Fund).

Subsidized Interest Rate

At 3% per annum on monthly rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we utilize the balance of our Government loan entitlement to purchase a 2nd property or to carry out repairs and improvements to existing property?

    Yes, you may apply but subject to Government’s/Employer's/Council's approval.

  2. What is your maximum loan period?

    Our maximum loan period is 25 years subject to age plus repayment period not exceeding 65 years (if pensionable) or 56 years (if contributing to the Employee's Provident Fund).

  3. If we have a loan with other Bank, can we transfer our loan to Borneo Housing utilizing our Government subsidised loan?

    Yes, you may but subject to Government’s/Employer's/Council's approval. The amount to be transferred is the outsanding balance of loan with the Bank at the point of application.

  4. If I intend to build a house on my own land, do I need to appoint a Contractor?

    Yes, you do. You have to provide us with the Construction Agreement entered between you and the Contractor.

  5. If I am building my own house using direct labour, can I request for advance payment in order to commence the construction of the building?

    No, we do not allow payment in advance. Release of loan upon completion of documentation can only be made progressively based on our Company’s Progress Report on construction works achieved.

  6. If I apply for an additional loan can the progressive payment be paid direct to me?

    No, all progressive payments are to be channelled through the Solicitors handling the loan documentation.

  7. If I apply for Borneo Housing loan, can the legal fees be paid from the loan approved?

    No, we do not allow the legal fees to be deducted from the approved loan. The legal fees and other disbursements have to be paid by you.

  8. My land is a Kampong Land, is it acceptable as security?

    As long as the land has a Certificate of Ownership issued by the Tua Kampong or District Officer, then it is acceptable to us as security for the loan (applicable to State Government Officers only).

  9. I am in the State Government service and my wife is a housewife. I intend to apply for Government subsidise loan, can I apply to include my wife’s name in the loan?

    Under the Government Housing Loan Scheme, both must be in the State Government service to be eligible to apply.

* The Company reserves the right to vary the above information, terms & conditions from time to time without assigning any reason whatsoever.